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Hi parents!
My name is Lucia.

I decided to start my own babysitting business after dedicating myself to children.
I love children and enjoy learning, playing and sharing my time with them. Aren't they the most delicious treasure in the world?.
Childhood is a wonderful stage. There is no past, no future; just the present, seen with only illusion and innocence. 

When I spend time with children, whether a lot or a little, the foundation of my work is grounded in helping them with their individual development, bearing in mind their physical, social and emotional needs. Playing is the best way to learn, to awaken curiosity about life and to satisfy an important and universal desire that children have to discover the world. Always from love, attention, respect and naturalness, we interact together with these noble goals in common. 

"Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate!". (Anonymous)

"Play is the highest form of research". (Albert Einstein)

"Plant good ideas in the children, even though they won't understand. Entrust the years to decipher the meaning and make it bloom in their hearts".  (María Montessori)


Professional info

Professional child care services, always with the love and sweetness that children deserve. I have a natural connection with children, and they do have it with me as well.

Work experience

Kindergarten with children from 0 to 3 years old.

More than 5 years experience in this field

Excellent references.

Professional child care services in private houses (summer villas, boats, hotels, etc.) with children of all ages.


Certified in Early Childhood Development





- Strong emotional age-appropriate communications skills

- Creativity to design, organize and lead educational programs and pedagogical activities

- Responsibility in dealing with children based on personal maturity

- Patience in difficult situations and self-control

- Active listening showing respect for the children

- Problem solving and decision making

- Involvement in the education of each child knowing his personality and needs

- Large knowledge of the needs of toodlers and children

- Transmit passion and energy, encourage the children and help them to get the best of themselves.

- Love for teaching and dealing with children

- Connect with the child and offer support where he needs it most (emotional support).

- Ongoing communication with parents





Stay in Minneapolis as Au-pair (USA) 



Advanced certificate E.O.I. in Ibiza 2008

Proficiency intensive course in Berlin 2006

Proficiency certificate at Päd -Aktiv school in Heidelberg 1995

Proficiency certificate at Volkshochschule in Heidelberg 1995



Proficiency certificate E.O.I. in San Sebastian 1987 (Basque Country)

Professional experience in France as Au-pair


Upper Intermediate



Studying nowadays

Intensive course in Kaliningrad 2019

Parental permission was granted for any and all children pictured here.

"Lucia worked for over 3 years every other day when we were living in Ibiza. She still works for us during every school break we spend in Ibiza. She started when my younger son was 2 and my oldest was 5. They are now 5 and 8.

She is the Orly babysitter we’ve ever had that my children never get bored of seeing and actually look forward to and ask see more. My kids talk about her regularly.

She is the most professional and qualified child carer we’ve had and my kids got along with her since the first few minutes of meeting her for the first time, which is rare. She is active and plays outdoors a lot, and also does quiet activities that she brings along, like Memory, Jenga or Mikado.

My children improved their Spanish and social skills a lot with her so I highly recommend her if you are looping for a fun teacher-like babysitter. Her profile and qualifications are more on the educator end and she is not like the babysitters you usually find in Ibiza, who are typically party girls or yoga teachers looping for extra Money during the summer Seaton.

Lucia is a child carer year long, very reliable and always on time!!!

I hope your children will be lucky to spend some play time with her."

Chiara Belolo (Switzerland)

“Respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.”
― Maria Montessori

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